Mit nyeste crush er ikke en ting (okay det er det også, jeg har nok fundet verdens pæneste pels i Zara. Men mere om den på et andet tidspunkt!), men herre seje Sam Smith. Og hans sang Lay me down. Men selvom jeg plejer at være ret god til at høre sange ret hurtigt, blev den her altså publiceret i februar sidste år. Jeg kan i al fald rigtig rigtig godt lide den, og i stedet for bare, at lægge et totalt kedeligt billede op, har jeg (surprise..) lavet en collage med mine sindssyge skills (not). I kan høre den lige her. I må have en dejlig aften de damer! //L.
PS: Og så er det i dag 13 år siden ulykken i NYC skete. Det må vi aldrig glemme.

My latest crush is on the very awesome singer Sam Smith and his song "Lay me down". It's just really catchy and I hear it non-stop. So good!! And by the way - today is exactly 13 years ago the Twin Towers were crashed into. We will never forget. May you all have a good evening!


  1. Anonymous14/9/14 19:39

    hellooooooooo, i love your blog, you have an amazing sense of style! also, i have a quick question - - what size of a dress are you wearing? i think i found it online (or it is just another but similar one) but i'm not sure what size should i choose as i would like it to be more loose (just like yours) and i'm usually wearing size 36/38 (s)... please help!!!! xoxoxo

    1. First of all; thank you so much! I am very glad that you think so! :) Second - the dress I am wearing is actually a menswear, and in a size M. I don't really know, what that is in women, but I'll guess you should choose size M (38-40 - that depends on the brand) in women - oversized knits are really awesome! Especially when you use it as a dress. :-*
      But in every way you use it, I like knits to be oversize. I hope you could use my answers! Love from here in DK :-*

  2. Anonymous14/9/14 21:33

    ahh thank you for your reply! massive thanks for your help, i will choose size M then! i agree with you, i also love oversized knits, they are so so soooo comfy! have a nice evening in DK, hugs from UK! :)